Each session is  centered around love, light, and benevolent energy. Crystals, oracle cards, Reiki, and my intuitive healing techniques may all be used during your session. It can be as healing and profound as you would like it to be.  My intention for each session is to connect you or your pet to source and your highest potential in a benevolent, loving, and grounded way, helping you to feel more comfortable and centered in body, mind, and spirit.

Those who are wanting to deepen their connection with themselves or pet, clear old patterns, feel at ease in the world and daily life. Crystal Healings could be very beneficial to you. Having an open heart and mind is recommended. All sessions can be done in person, face time, or over the phone. Animal communication sessions are done in the comfort of your animals home.

Animal Communication

Photo by fcscafeine/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by fcscafeine/iStock / Getty Images

I believe animals come into our lives for specific purposes. They are our healers. They help us by taking on our emotions and energy that we are not wanting to feel or deal with, whether good or bad. This can cause emotional issues, behavioral problems, or physical ailments in your beloved sidekick. I can look at these areas and help heal the energy blocks in both you and your fury friend. It is highly recommended that you have an open heart and mind during this process. Results may be seen in more fluid movement of stiff joints, stress or anxious behavior in your pet could diminish, and an overall feeling of calm, peace, and connection can occur after a session. Healing physical, mental, and spiritual blocks caused by emotional stress can really be a profound change in both you and your pet, and deepen your connection. 

An animal communication session is done in the comfort of your animals home, over face time, or phone for distance healings. A full house clearing is highly recommended before a session for the best outcome for all involved. To set up an appointment, click here


Photo by Wavebreakmedia/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by Wavebreakmedia/iStock / Getty Images

Reiki is known as the healing touch, and works with your own energy system to heal areas of your body that need it. It is very helpful to help relieve stress, tension, and anxiety. A Reiki session can be very relaxing and peaceful. While laying on your back, Reiki energy is sent to any blocks in your body that could benefit from healing. Crystal's and stones may be used around you and on your body to help clear these blocks and hold space for healing energy. I also use my intuition to clear out any old patterns that are no longer serving your highest potential. I offer soft peaceful music playing in the back ground while you relax and receive the loving, healing, benevolent energy of Reiki. To set up an appointment, click here


Intuitive Reading


In a intuitive reading, I tune into your guides in a safe, benevolent, loving way to hear where you are stuck in old programs and patterns. We can talk amongst each other to see what or how you may be feeling in daily life. Old patterns and programs we receive from the past can play a role in our present life preventing us from moving forward. Healing those blocks and looking at the source or root cause of that past way of thinking, can help to align you with your purpose in this lifetime. You may not even know what the blocks are, which is where I connect with your guides to see where the root cause is.

A session may consist of balancing your chakras, mind, body, and spirit, and healing your inner child. Crystal's and stones, oracle cards, or Reiki, may all be used along with my intuitive gifts. My goal is to connect you with source and your highest potential to live the life you intended with ease and grace. To set up an appointment, click here


All sessions are $130 and last about an hour. 
House Clearings are about 2 hrs long: Recommended before an Animal Communication session. $200

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