Open your heart and feel the love

Who are we underneath that cloak we put on to protect our hearts? Why did we put on that cloak in the first place? Why did we allow that past experience to hurt us so much that we had to hide our true self? We gave our power away to that person or experience that shut us down. Inevitably, that experience which shut us down, was feeling the same hurt they put on to us. They hurt us, in order to make themselves feel better from their past hurt.

All these stories we stories we tell ourselves about what it is to be us. Where are they coming from? We learn and take in experiences from people around us who are our "role models". Whether good or bad. We are the ones in control of our own power and being. We can decide what we want to believe and take into our experiences. So why do we allow such hurtful experiences rule over the love that we have seen and felt too?

Change that perspective. Hurt is hurt. Feel the pain, discomfort, and emotions, forgive yourself and the experience. Open your heart, feel the love that's around you. Even if it's so small. Allow that light of love in. Smile! You are beautiful and so loved! Keep allowing that spark of light to grow by taking in and noticing the love that is around you. 

You are not the negative experiences you think you are. You are love, we all are. It's easy to spread around. Once we recognize this in ourselves and others. The ones who are hurting, mean, and depressed, are the ones who could really use this love. They just don't know it yet. Spread the love to everyone around. It's so beautiful!