Feelings of Self

New, New, New, lots of new feelings, habits, behaviors, and thoughts, all coming from the heart. Allow it through. This is a time of change. The more grip there is to the “normal” and “known” habits and thoughts, the harder things may be. Allow the fluidity of new growth to come through. It’s as easy as you make it to be. You are the creator of your life. You can make it however you’d like. There are always helpers around you to allow these new energies in. The old has to be let go of for new growth to occur. Just like trees and plants lose leaves and flowers. To allow seasons of change and new growth to bloom.

The instant manifestation of things and thoughts, that’s YOU! The TRUE YOU! It may seem weird or out of ordinary occurrence. They actually are the REAL YOU! There’s so much more freedom to your life than whats given credit for. You are the creator and rule book of your life. Your thoughts and feelings attract those things to you. Will you focus on all the beauty and positive around you, or the things that were upsetting. It’s up to YOU! Ask and you shall receive. Receive the originality and beauty that is YOU!

Allow the Love to flow though.

Love and Abundance

It seems to have become a “thing” where we don’t like seeing others succeeding. It’s a lack of self confidence that we can succeed too. In some cases, when we are succeeding, we find ways to self sabotage our successes because one piece of it didn’t go as planned or out of FEAR, False Evidence Appearing Real, that we can actually have that success that we really wanted. Isn’t that crazy?! You most likely have not noticed this was the case. But subconsciously, it may be there. If you are a master at owning your successes and honoring others successes. Yahooo to you!!! Keep shining that out!

WE are powerful and amazing beings. WE create the most amazing things, good and bad. Every little thought that we have is a creation of something or some kind. It’s easy to say “what, I didn’t create that horrible thing that happened to me”. BUT, YES YOU DID! :) Isn’t it AMAZING that your thoughts created something so BIG! Imagine if those thoughts had been something supportive and loving for your well being. What could have been then?!

It’s a funny concept and SO powerful! We’ve been programmed and taught for years on how to be, look, think, and act. What about our SUPERPOWERS? What about each person being uniquely connected in the ultra infinite? What about all the beauty and love that we can create for ourselves and each other? It starts with a little tiny spark of a thought. We can do this! WE can create beauty, love, and amazing abundance for everyone!

Face these fears. Say NO to the criticism that “it can’t be done that way”. Look toward the light that is in YOU. Shine it BRIGHT. Keep moving forward, one foot in front of the other. Give the support and confidence to yourself. After all, it starts with you first. Be the reflection you want to see. It will come back to you, ten fold! YIPPEE

Peace and Love

Ocean of Love

Hiding what we are. Projecting on to others our own feelings of discontent. Staying in sorrow, grief, unhappiness, negativity, and self pity. Hanging onto these thoughts and feelings are blocking the true essences and feelings that are underneath all of these. There’s an OCEAN OF LOVE underneath all of this. It’s soooo huge and powerful! All it takes is dropping those feelings and thoughts as they arise, letting them go, and touching the true essence that is in your heart and the core to who you are. LOVE.


Those emotions and feelings do arise at numerous times during the day. It’s part of being human. What we do with them is also part of being human. Do we hang on to them and dwell, or feel them and let them go and get back in touch with our hearts and the immense love that is there. It’s what we are!


Sure, we can allow the other feelings and intense mental processes to control and portray who we are. Or we can look at them, feel them, allow them to come to the surface and let them go. It’s like dropping a pen on the floor. Let these feelings that are blocking you go. Then see and feel the love that’s there. It may feel very vulnerable to really touch this core of your heart and it may hurt. It’s because in the beginning, like most things that are uncovered, are a bit fragile. Feel the hurt, cry, let go of the walls that block you from feeling all this love. It’s always been there and has been waiting for you to open up to it. The more you nurture and tend to it, the easier it becomes to feel and show and embrace.


It’s touching on your true essence. We are all made of it. It’s up to you what you want your essence to be. You have the choice to hang on to feelings that bog you down, or let go and allow the OCEAN OF LOVE to spread and flow through your whole body.


Feel the love that’s always there. It’s YOU!

Being ONE

What are these walls we’ve built around us? Why did we put them up? To portray a sense of protection? What are we protecting ourselves from? Ourselves!

These walls of immense protection you’ve built. Wow! Look at how powerful YOU are. You are so powerful that you’ve built walls around yourself to seemingly protect from oneness, being truly connected, and embracing the you that you really are. Look at that power! Ha, and you thought you were weak. Hehe.

This has happened from past hurts that were brought to you to learn from and create a new story, not necessarily to protect yourself from and build walls. We are all connected and one. Building walls only isolates yourself. It’s time to look at what your damaged and hurt self wants and gently take down those walls and build new stories around love and connection.

What you see in others, good or bad, is in some way a reflection of you. YOU ARE that love and beauty you see in others. YOU ARE perfect in your own sense. The rest, negative thinking and self talk, is fear and the walls that were built to keep yourself from really embracing your true essence.

Look at that fear, be vulnerable and brave. Face it. See what it wants. Love, support, to be heard, comfort, anger? Honor those feelings and love them, all of them. Love those pieces of yourself. Take the walls of hurt and old past experiences down. Let them go. Allow the new to flow through you. Clear out those old beliefs and patterns that are clouding the true you, beauty and love. Reflect out that newness of love and bravery and beauty to the world. SMILE! It will be reflected back to you ten fold. YOU ARE SO LOVED and you’re just starting to see the half of it.

In Peace and Always Love.

Open your heart and feel the love

Who are we underneath that cloak we put on to protect our hearts? Why did we put on that cloak in the first place? Why did we allow that past experience to hurt us so much that we had to hide our true self? We gave our power away to that person or experience that shut us down. Inevitably, that experience which shut us down, was feeling the same hurt they put on to us. They hurt us, in order to make themselves feel better from their past hurt.

All these stories we stories we tell ourselves about what it is to be us. Where are they coming from? We learn and take in experiences from people around us who are our "role models". Whether good or bad. We are the ones in control of our own power and being. We can decide what we want to believe and take into our experiences. So why do we allow such hurtful experiences rule over the love that we have seen and felt too?

Change that perspective. Hurt is hurt. Feel the pain, discomfort, and emotions, forgive yourself and the experience. Open your heart, feel the love that's around you. Even if it's so small. Allow that light of love in. Smile! You are beautiful and so loved! Keep allowing that spark of light to grow by taking in and noticing the love that is around you. 

You are not the negative experiences you think you are. You are love, we all are. It's easy to spread around. Once we recognize this in ourselves and others. The ones who are hurting, mean, and depressed, are the ones who could really use this love. They just don't know it yet. Spread the love to everyone around. It's so beautiful!