Being ONE

What are these walls we’ve built around us? Why did we put them up? To portray a sense of protection? What are we protecting ourselves from? Ourselves!

These walls of immense protection you’ve built. Wow! Look at how powerful YOU are. You are so powerful that you’ve built walls around yourself to seemingly protect from oneness, being truly connected, and embracing the you that you really are. Look at that power! Ha, and you thought you were weak. Hehe.

This has happened from past hurts that were brought to you to learn from and create a new story, not necessarily to protect yourself from and build walls. We are all connected and one. Building walls only isolates yourself. It’s time to look at what your damaged and hurt self wants and gently take down those walls and build new stories around love and connection.

What you see in others, good or bad, is in some way a reflection of you. YOU ARE that love and beauty you see in others. YOU ARE perfect in your own sense. The rest, negative thinking and self talk, is fear and the walls that were built to keep yourself from really embracing your true essence.

Look at that fear, be vulnerable and brave. Face it. See what it wants. Love, support, to be heard, comfort, anger? Honor those feelings and love them, all of them. Love those pieces of yourself. Take the walls of hurt and old past experiences down. Let them go. Allow the new to flow through you. Clear out those old beliefs and patterns that are clouding the true you, beauty and love. Reflect out that newness of love and bravery and beauty to the world. SMILE! It will be reflected back to you ten fold. YOU ARE SO LOVED and you’re just starting to see the half of it.

In Peace and Always Love.