Feelings of Self

New, New, New, lots of new feelings, habits, behaviors, and thoughts, all coming from the heart. Allow it through. This is a time of change. The more grip there is to the “normal” and “known” habits and thoughts, the harder things may be. Allow the fluidity of new growth to come through. It’s as easy as you make it to be. You are the creator of your life. You can make it however you’d like. There are always helpers around you to allow these new energies in. The old has to be let go of for new growth to occur. Just like trees and plants lose leaves and flowers. To allow seasons of change and new growth to bloom.

The instant manifestation of things and thoughts, that’s YOU! The TRUE YOU! It may seem weird or out of ordinary occurrence. They actually are the REAL YOU! There’s so much more freedom to your life than whats given credit for. You are the creator and rule book of your life. Your thoughts and feelings attract those things to you. Will you focus on all the beauty and positive around you, or the things that were upsetting. It’s up to YOU! Ask and you shall receive. Receive the originality and beauty that is YOU!

Allow the Love to flow though.