Love and Abundance

It seems to have become a “thing” where we don’t like seeing others succeeding. It’s a lack of self confidence that we can succeed too. In some cases, when we are succeeding, we find ways to self sabotage our successes because one piece of it didn’t go as planned or out of FEAR, False Evidence Appearing Real, that we can actually have that success that we really wanted. Isn’t that crazy?! You most likely have not noticed this was the case. But subconsciously, it may be there. If you are a master at owning your successes and honoring others successes. Yahooo to you!!! Keep shining that out!

WE are powerful and amazing beings. WE create the most amazing things, good and bad. Every little thought that we have is a creation of something or some kind. It’s easy to say “what, I didn’t create that horrible thing that happened to me”. BUT, YES YOU DID! :) Isn’t it AMAZING that your thoughts created something so BIG! Imagine if those thoughts had been something supportive and loving for your well being. What could have been then?!

It’s a funny concept and SO powerful! We’ve been programmed and taught for years on how to be, look, think, and act. What about our SUPERPOWERS? What about each person being uniquely connected in the ultra infinite? What about all the beauty and love that we can create for ourselves and each other? It starts with a little tiny spark of a thought. We can do this! WE can create beauty, love, and amazing abundance for everyone!

Face these fears. Say NO to the criticism that “it can’t be done that way”. Look toward the light that is in YOU. Shine it BRIGHT. Keep moving forward, one foot in front of the other. Give the support and confidence to yourself. After all, it starts with you first. Be the reflection you want to see. It will come back to you, ten fold! YIPPEE

Peace and Love