Ocean of Love

Hiding what we are. Projecting on to others our own feelings of discontent. Staying in sorrow, grief, unhappiness, negativity, and self pity. Hanging onto these thoughts and feelings are blocking the true essences and feelings that are underneath all of these. There’s an OCEAN OF LOVE underneath all of this. It’s soooo huge and powerful! All it takes is dropping those feelings and thoughts as they arise, letting them go, and touching the true essence that is in your heart and the core to who you are. LOVE.


Those emotions and feelings do arise at numerous times during the day. It’s part of being human. What we do with them is also part of being human. Do we hang on to them and dwell, or feel them and let them go and get back in touch with our hearts and the immense love that is there. It’s what we are!


Sure, we can allow the other feelings and intense mental processes to control and portray who we are. Or we can look at them, feel them, allow them to come to the surface and let them go. It’s like dropping a pen on the floor. Let these feelings that are blocking you go. Then see and feel the love that’s there. It may feel very vulnerable to really touch this core of your heart and it may hurt. It’s because in the beginning, like most things that are uncovered, are a bit fragile. Feel the hurt, cry, let go of the walls that block you from feeling all this love. It’s always been there and has been waiting for you to open up to it. The more you nurture and tend to it, the easier it becomes to feel and show and embrace.


It’s touching on your true essence. We are all made of it. It’s up to you what you want your essence to be. You have the choice to hang on to feelings that bog you down, or let go and allow the OCEAN OF LOVE to spread and flow through your whole body.


Feel the love that’s always there. It’s YOU!